About infosec

The Trust Beyond Security

infosec is now leading the way in the new era of the Internet of Things, which is accelerating rapidly with the advent of 5G technologies.

infosec, leader of information security industry.

Since 2000, we have been conducting information security business based on the technology of infosec(former SK infosec), the No.1 information security company in Korea. We provide the optimal solution for enterprises to respond agilely to advanced cyber threats.

  • Since 2000

    Years of

  • 2,200+

    In various fields

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  • Collect logs and events that occur on various security systems to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber-attacks. With years of experience in the managed security service, we protect corporate business environments 24/7, 365 days a year.

    # Remote MSS, #On-Site MSS, #Cloud Security
  • Provides the most appropriate information security architecture and development plan for enterprises, while maximizing rapid response and proactive prevention against cyber threats.

    # Consulting, #Penetration Test, #Vulnerability Management, #Hacking Analysis, #OT/ICS security
  • Proposes a optimized security solution for the business environment based on ecosystem with the partners leading the industry.

    # Security SI, # Partner Solution