Detection and response for WebShell | Anti-Webshell

According to the infosec report on security breach incidents, WebShell is responsible for over 90% of web server hacking. WebShell is frequently used for its outstanding and easily accessible hacking capabilities; its code obfuscation interferes with standard security systems by detecting threats.
Anti-WebShell is a Managed Security service-based product dedicated to detecting and responding to WebShell. It processes threats in real-time to minimize the IT security manager's workload, while simultaneously fortifying the security of the servers.


Non-Agent methods

Non-Agent Methods

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Increases utility and minimizes required resources of the targeted system
  • Minimized damages upon failure
Diverse analysis

Diverse Analysis

  • Using 4 different information collection methods including hashing, detects stable changes and confirms data integrity
  • Comparison analysis of WebShell patterns
  • Analysis of abnormal events
Largest number of cyber security experts in Korea

Largest Number of Cyber Security Experts in Korea

  • Maximized/optimized pattern information database (houses over 400 patterns)
  • Analysis technology and response capacity
  • Has the most advanced code obfuscation technology and highest number of experts
  • Continuous update of new/undetected patterns through incident responses

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