Malicious code detection and protection | MDS

Web malicious code attacks that infect visitors' PCs are increasing. Corporate websites are especially being targeted by hackers due to their high traffic and multiple external links (such as advertisement links) protection against malicious code is highly recommended.
MDS provides specific protection against malicious web code by detecting and responding before the malicious code has been distributed through the hacked webpage or used as a routing site. It analyzes the contents of linked pages, ad banners, image files, and external links, as well as hidden malicious code on the main and sub pages of the website to provide protection from malicious code.


Managed Security Services analysis technology

Managed Security Services Analysis Technology

  • Decoding with the largest CERT team in Korea
  • Largest pattern production and management capacity in Korea
  • Inspection of Shellcode upon downloading files according to patterns recognition
  • Incorporation of vaccine engines
  • SMS/email alert of locations upon detection of malicious code
Customized web crawler

Customized Web Crawler

  • Web URL inspection performed at two depths (adjustable)
  • External and internal URL parsing and DB processing
  • Files from extracted URLs are downloadable
IE-level analysis

IE-level Analysis

  • HTML analysis is provided as a base
  • Diverse analysis of contents (IE-level image, encoding, Javascript, style sheet, etc.)

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