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The 4th industrial revolution is falling the boundaries between business sectors. Cyber threat is no longer a concern of any one industry; rather, it now interacts and affects information/physical/industrial aspects within many social sectors, even industrial and national institutions. Rather than specific security within a sector, an integrated response system that protects all connections is necessary to respond to complex threats.
Customized for integrated/complex industries, Converged Security Platform can respond to and manage security threats that may occur in each sector of business through a unified platform.
Secudium IoT collects all digital information under a single platform, which enables comprehensive analysis and response. 'Connect everything, secure everything' is our motto we provide optimized Converged Security Platform for fundamental infrastructure systems(train, harbor, etc.), Smart Factories, Smart Buildings and many other industries.


>Single Platform that Integrates IT/physical/OT Security

Single Platform that Integrates IT/physical/OT Security

  • Collects, saves, searches, and analyzes IT/physical/OT security area in a single platform.
  • Provides an integrated management environment for structured/unstructured/image data.
Service Scalability and Flexibility

Service Scalability and Flexibility

  • Supports cloud-based service models and on-premise type models.
  • Provides the same scalability, flexibility, and sustainability for the limited environment of each customer.
Industry-leading Converged Security Expertise

Industry-leading Converged Security Expertise

  • Rich experience in IT/physical/OT security consulting and system development.
  • Industry-leading experts provide user-defined security system development services
Partnership Collaborative Ecosystem

Partner Ecosystem

  • Provides aligning technologies and integration with partners’ expertise.
  • Creates new business context through collaboration within the partnership pool.

Main Functions

Collecting Heterogeneous Data

  • All information/physical/OT device data and system logs.
  • Comprehensive data processing for video, audio, and log.
  • Easy to add to or expand the collection target.

Complex Analysis usingCorrelations

  • Correlation analysis using correlations between multiple events.
  • Intelligent complex threat analysis by integrating data among IT/physical/OT security areas.


  • Accurate situation analysis based on scenario-based automated rules.
  • Scalable structure that allows continuous monitoring of all events and alarms.

Standard OperationProcedure

  • Provides guidelines and a standard operation procedure (SOP) based on the decision-making diagram according to the type of threat or incident.
  • User-defined SOP design optimized for each situation.


  • Real-time interactive map using the Geographic Information System (GIS) and 3D modeling.
  • Visualizes all events and alarms by providing integrated IT/physical security dashboards.

Device PasswordManagement

  • Provides a means of collective password change/management for physical devices.
  • Prevents secondary incidents by changing the password immediately in the event of a threat or incident.
  • Provides interactive monitoring of the change history and device status.

Intuitive Reports

  • Provides event trends and statistics in the form of charts to support managers' decision-making.
  • Provides evidence and response results for major events.

Global ThreatIntelligence

  • Provides robust reputation services and threat intelligence based on real-time threat information.
  • Reduces the possibility of attacks significantly by handling threats, using timely and predictable proactive-prevention.


Converged Security Monitoring
  • Converged Security Monitoring
  • Provides insights into new threats and converged security services by combining complex analysis of diverse events with a real-time response procedure.
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Video Surveilance & Security
  • Video Surveilance & Security
  • Provides expert knowledge and experience in the design, installation, servicing, monitoring, and integration of robust security services that satisfy unique business requirements.
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Cloud-based Service
  • Cloud-based Service
  • Development costs can be reduced when expanding the digital security area, because services can be easily added to the existing platform at a moderate cost, using a modular method.
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Converged Security Consulting
  • Converged Security Consulting
  • Reduces costs significantly with the integration of physical security and information security into a single platform. infosec assesses your security ulnerabilities and provides customized solutions.
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IoT-Based Industrial Safety Services
IoT-Based Industrial Safety Services
using UWB sensors and video analysis
The risk of accident is ever present in a field crowded with various vehicles, equipment, and people. Accidents can be prevented by combining UWB sensor and video analysis technology, while accident threats can be detected in advance and the appropriate security measures taken.
An Electricity Safety Management Service
An Electricity Safety Management Service
that combines smart IoT devices with video monitoring
A combination of smart IoT devices and video monitoring services. The adoption of a single platform guarantees electrical safety, saves power, and strengthens security at the office and shop.

Secudium IoT Partner Ecosystem

Secudium IoT partner ecosystem enables you to create enhanced value and revenue. The partner ecosystem creates
the new business context which expand physical security to converged security.

You can expand your business domain to the converged security market and supply innovative services based on our
core technology and expertise.

Partner Ecosystem

  • Converged
    Security Platform
    Converged Security Platform
  • Vertical Expertise
    • Hardware
    • Solution
    • Service
  • Global Provider
    • Distributor
    • System Integrator
    • Service Provider
  • Converged Security Market

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Converged Security Monitoring
  • Detects and responds to a new type of complex threat that cannot be detected in individual security areas through integrated IT/physical/OT security management.
    Detects and responds to a new type of complex threat that cannot be detected in individual security areas through integrated IT/physical/OT security management.
  • User-defined dashboard
    • Real time interactive map using the GIS
    • Intuitive display based on 3D modeling
    • Integrated IT/physical security dashboard
Video Surveilance & Security
  • Intelligent video control : AI(Artificial intelligent)/machine learning video analysis, compressed search, X-ray, etc.
  • Access vehicle control
  • Remote AR
  • Multiple VMS integration (Milestone, Genetec, etc.)
  • IP camera password management
  • Protected video transaction (lightweight P2P VPN tunneling)
  • Hardware-based cyber threat secured camera lineup
  • Software-based IP camera backdoor/hacking/malware detection and blocking